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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

It seem every Web provider is an SEO expert these days. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have become de facto requirements of running a successful business – and, unfortunately, also a virtual minefield of phonies and hucksters.

You don't have to look far to find an entrepreneur or even a multinational company that has paid a small fortune and seen little or no significant results. In many cases, SEO companies using unscrupulous techniques have actually hurt their clients' rankings as search engines like Google continue to become ever wiser to "black-hat" tricks.

At Graphos, search engine optimization is not a new profit centre that does little more than generate monthly bills for clients. We utilize a combination of classic and proprietary Search Engine Optimization techniques to drive your company's website steadily upwards in the search rankings.

Note that we don't promise to instantly get you a "Guaranteed #1 Google ranking," and we'll never claim to have a special relationship with any of the Web's top search engines. If anyone tells you they do, RUN. Likewise, if an SEO specialist claims to have privileged "insider" knowledge about the secret algorithms used by Google, Bing, Yahoo or others, they're not being truthful. None of the big search engines release such secrets.

We sell ourselves not with promises or fancy claims, but with only our track record. In the end, only the tangible results matter. Every client's market is different, and some are much more competitive than others. Results will always vary with any SEO efforts. We take specific, logical steps to position your website.

The Graphos Search Engine Optimization methodology follows four important steps:

  1. Studying how your customers look for your site and what search terms they tend to use. (Remember, these might not be the same words your industry uses.) We measure the search popularity of these words in queries and assign priority to each. Only with this high-level intelligence can we achieve top results through the next steps.
  2. Writing and designing your website in a way that it looks and reads enticingly to people and search engines alike. Every word on your site is important in SEO, and so is how and where they're positioned on the page. Placement of links, intricacies of how the code is written, and many things a user will never see have a huge impact on the ranking your site can achieve. A site that's built wrong cannot possibly reach a high ranking in a competitive market. And one designed and written only for search engines will turn away human visitors, defeating the purpose.
  3. Seeding outside page links to boost essential link popularity and employing SEM techniques to constantly nudge your site upwards in the eyes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and the rest.
  4. Keeping it up. The world of search engines changes every day, and techniques employed today to acquire a top-of-list ranking will certainly not work as well (if at all) years or even months from now. Like staying at the top of one's industry, SEO success is a moving target. The good news is that once the groundwork is laid, the remaining work is mostly maintenance. It's our job to stay on top of what the big search engines do next, so all our clients benefit.

Another thing to know about SEO is that the results never happen instantly, no matter whom or how much you pay. We've been successful in having sites spidered by Google's busy robots overnight through our efforts and specialized techniques, but in some cases it takes longer.

That's where SEM comes in. Search Engine Marketing includes the use of Internet advertising programs like Google Adwords that allow you to bid on a cost per click to have your Web listing show up on search queries for specific terms. The more you bid per click, the more likely someone doing a search is to see your link. Programs like Adwords also offer the option of having your ad show up on millions of related websites through the Google Content Network, and even in users' Gmail browser when their conversations include your search terms.

Ask us about Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. We'll be glad to show you examples of how our work has benefitted other clients and discuss your unique needs.



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